The design, research and development, and production of mechatronics integration meet your diverse needs

High capacity guarantee,IATF16949 System certification

Provide more advanced, high-performance, reliable and durable Automotive electronic parts in all aspects

OEM+Tier 1

Advanced R&D system

The team has Functional safety and Aspice L3 software development model qualification evaluation experience, rich experience in supporting the development of electromechanical products, and deep cooperation experience with many OEMs and Tier 1 parts manufacturers


Reliable quality control

The R&D laboratory, electrical laboratory, and reliability laboratory, including EMC, can perform 24 detection tests in four categories of the ISO16750 standard. 4 stages including incoming materials, research and development, manufacturing process, finished products, and shipment, and 5 quality inspection stages, in compliance with IATF16949, ESD electrostatic system, ISO9001 14001, ISO13485 and other system certifications


Lean production and manufacturing

An independent automotive electronics production park with 35 SMT production lines and 25 DIP vehicle production lines. The entire production process adopts the Jira+MES joint project management system, which is traceable, visualized, and data-driven to ensure fast, accurate, optimal, and efficient delivery



Longtech was established in August 2003 and listed on the GEM of Shenzhen stock Exchange in December 2020.We are an intelligent controller and intelligent products R&D,design, production and sales, for the automotive electronics field to provide all kinds of parts products and corresponding solutions company. Since obtaining certification related to the automotive industry system in 2013, Longtech has been exercising its quality control and process supply capabilities, and has established a cooperation mechanism with scientific research institutes to establish an automotive innovation platform. It now has systems, hardware, software
AOI inspection+online ICT+automatic testing system, with 4 stages and 5 quality inspection stages. Qualified quality team members account for 10% of the company's personnel, ensuring zero defects in automotive electronic products
More than 50 professional technical personnel with rich experience in automotive electronics research and development
84 innovative researches and development patents and 29 proprietary core technologies
+ Laboratories
A research and development testing laboratory that includes comprehensive, electronic and electrical, reliability, and EMC can perform 24 testing tests in four categories that comply with the ISO16750 standard
Scale production capacity, 4 major industrial parks, 35 SMT production lines and 25 assembly lines including advanced fully automated production equipment such as YAMAHA and Desen


System certification

Multiple qualification certifications, in line with international standards